For Authors

Thank you for your interest in Carlden Media, Marketing and Publishing Inc. (CMMP) We are a company committed to working with authors to both publish their work and to assure that the world hears their voice. CMMP is a young company that is very selective in the projects that we undertake, choosing to give personalized attention and to both publish and publicize our authors. We are focused on projects that fundamentally will affect personal growth, wellness and be readily digested by the reader. We do not accept academic or purely clinical works.

We accept submissions from authors, including first time authors, and from literary agents.

CMMP accepts only complete manuscripts and proposals. We will consider previously self-published works as a large part of our mission is to increase the marketing and thus focus on quality works. Authors may submit Query letters via e-mail to: If there is interest from CMMP, you will be asked to submit package with manuscript. Please do not send query unless you are able to send requested materials immediately. Under no circumstances should you submit your original documents, please send us copies in triplicate upon request.

All submissions should include the following:

  • A cover letter which gives a brief description of the project and the contents of the package.
  • The cover letter should also “make the case” as to why this is a valued project and the potential impact, the targeted audience and the pros and cons of the project.
  • An outline of the manuscript or project.
  • A resume or curriculum vitae of the author (s).
  • Include any current marketing strategy that has been devised by the author and/or audiences who are familiar with the author (s). (For example: an author who has a radio show, etc…)
  • A full manuscript.
  • Printed submissions must typed, in English, double-spaced with 1-inch margins in 12-point type on white paper. Please number the pages.
  • Your contact information including address, telephone and email.

Send copies of your work but if you wish to have any material returned, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (proper postage). You may email us to confirm receipt of materials. Unfortunately, time does not allow us to consistently respond to all phone, e-mail or other inquiries, or to provide detailed comments or feedback on manuscripts. CMMP does make every attempt to notify the author within forty-five (45 days) of the status of the manuscript. You may contact us after this time period if you have not received correspondence from CMMP.