Cards by Dr. Sharon

Cards by Dr. Sharon is a new and groundbreaking greeting card line. Described as “Cards with a Purpose”, “Cards by Dr. Sharon” are inspirational, comforting, and most of all, celebratory—all the things desired for the perfect greeting card. What is unique about this new line of greeting cards is the direct link to wellness.

It is the life mission of Sharon D. Allison-Ottey, MD (Dr. Sharon), creator of the greeting card line, to provide valuable health information in a manner that positively impacts lives. She describes the cards as, “the cards that keep on giving.” This has deeper meaning because 10 % of the purchase price of each card from the “Cards by Dr. Sharon” line will be donated to the Avon Foundation for Women to support its mission to improve the lives of women through its ongoing efforts to fight breast cancer and end the devastating cycle of domestic violence.

By giving a “Cards by Dr. Sharon”– you not only give encouragement, a pat on the back, comfort, or special acknowledgment—you also give lifelong health and wellness information that will empower the recipient. On the back of each card is a unique informational section called, “A Moment of Health & Wellness” which provides valuable information about health and well-being for the card’s recipient.

To learn more about “Cards by Dr. Sharon” visit or call 240.467.5858. Click Here to subscribe to the free Dr. Sharon newsletter and join the egroup.

Cards By Dr. Sharon

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